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my face went like

ok iwas like trying to type my facial expression here but i'm high so this shit aint workin out.... anyway..dude that's just wrong man... (secretly i lol'ed)


that was awesome!! mad props to you man!

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nice game

but i think riddle 18 might be broken..
i clicked everything on the screen, but i cant seem to progress..

mrty responds:

No riddles are broken. I tested the game more times than you can ever count. The .swf will soon be updated with a few fixes, including a change in the 18th riddle, to make it easier. You should then be able to get past with ease.


great use of kamehameha´s and top gear music!
i played the shit out of that game on the super nintendo

oh yeah, and the ending is funny as hell


yeah... i didnt quite like this game. its really hard not to hit anything, especially when your going fast. so its like you go from being unable to see whats going on, to waiting 5 seconds to go through a ring over and over again.. not really entertaining to be honest..

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maybe its because i dont have a giant subwoofer...

but i was kind of dissapointed by the drop..
the intro was pretty tight, but your wobble kind of lacks power.
it could have been so much better if it just got a little more filthy.
i´d say distort the living shit out of that wobble, maybe add some more ´synth´ to it, and it´ll be awesome. its just kinda meh like this...

TimmyBlaze responds:

Ah, the Drop! Transitioning is fuckin' hard in electronic music man, atleast for me it's the hardest part. Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely try some distortion on that wobble though see how it sounds.


not really digging the bass... or the voice.... or the drums (especially that blub sound or something, very annoying.) also that love filter preset (i think) you used... not that great at all....

it all sounds very basic and uninspired to be honest..

i'd really suggest looking for some quality samples too, because i think i speak for a lot of people (mostly FL users i guess) that im really getting sick of the standard FL drumkit used in basicly every song here on NG. just google for free drumkits, you'll probably be able to get some nice sounding drums. search for some free VST's while your at it, there are some prerry damn good ones out there!

just send me a PM if you can't find anything nice, i'll help you out.

FKProductions responds:

OK, because I know Grime so well, I think I can speak for him here :)

I myself have been asking him to use HQ samples and plugins and such, but he has made it VERY clear that he is an 8-bit style guy; he likes this kind of stuff, and that's the way it is :)

However, I will let him know you offered him some help.

Thanks a lot for the review (THREE REVIEWS? :O)

Face <(X_X)>


the 8 bit sounds are very nice, though your bass could use some work.. seems kinda generic if you aks me. 3xocs i´m guessing? love the breatofdeath sample in it btw! use it quite alot myself ;)

Harha responds:

Haha, thanks man! But generic? D: It's 3xOsc yeah but I thought it sounded kinda unique. I even used a bitcrusher to downsample it + automated it for cool effect. But well, it didnt take me long to make it so maybe I'll just spend more time tweaking it which I would have done however in the future. :P

But yeah, its my first try @ producing dubstep which however is no excuse since I've produced music for about 4 years now, mostly hardstyle...

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kinda reminds me of minda in the final scene of LOZ: twillight princess


looks kinda like some sort of halloween/christmas pixar movie poster.


huuray for underboob!!

Tombstoned666 responds:


i'm Sam, a dubstep producer/DJ from the netherlands. --------------------
------- for contact, bookings, questions, remixes, collabs or anything else hit me up on facebook http://www.facebook.

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