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2011-03-06 08:11:56 by Shmi

Well my psytrance song is finaly finished, and i think it turned out to be pretty allright :)

check it out here: /404180

also, i have a dubstep WIP up that you can listen to here: /402788

so enjoy and tell me what you think! :)

song phailure

2011-02-22 19:17:29 by Shmi

hey there NG!

my apologies for not sharing any music for almost 2 months (even though it kinda looks like no one noticed..) but here's the deal. first off i've been MAD busy with school and work lately (working 16 hours a week and going to school for a good 30.....ugh) so i'm not able to put as much time and effort into my music as i want to.
however i am working on a huge psytrance song (and 3 other 'sorta' dubstep songs) wich WILL blow your brains out when its finaly done!
there is one little prblem though...

apparantly my madly insane, out of this world production skills, or random switch flipping and knob turning (hmm.. that doesnt sound right) or whatever you want to call it, caused my PC to basicly get a heart attack. resulting in glitchy VST's, incredible CPU use (i seriously cant even playback the first 10 seconds of the song) and a very very very big feeling of frustration making it immensely diificult to finish it off.
if i can't finish it this week i'll upload a WIP of it, so you can at least have a little listen to what i have going on, aswel as some 3 or 4 other songs i'm working on. <---- worst decision EVER! trying to do 4 songs simultaniously!!

i really hope i can deliver my psy next week, cos all i basically have to do is mix, master and tweak a bit. its just very hard to do when all you hear is glitches and computer death noises...

so hopefully you'll get to hear something awesome next week, and if not you will hear something less awesome and probably some other WIP's too.

i would like to finish this post positively so here's a really bad joke i heard today.
so a guy comes into the doctors office..
doctor says: you gonna clean that up?




2010-12-30 15:34:40 by Shmi

drum n ba.... no wait psytr....ermm..... PSY AND BASS IN YO FACE!!!!
FUX YEAHRZ!! /387429

war has begun

2010-12-09 12:46:42 by Shmi

just to point out the sheer epicness of the following post, please listen to this track for the maximum impact of the bit of text you are going to read. /381363

so i just saw the news, and i heard the first person involved in the wikileaks drama that has been going on for the last week or so has been arrested. apparantly its a 16 year old kid from the hague, netherlands who had something to do with hacking the mastercard website or something..

now call me paranoid, but in my head i can see the first 5 minutes of some massive cyber-war action flick... thing is though, IT HAPPEND FOR REAL!

so the war has begun...
be afraid, be very afraid, for it is only a matter of time untill the US government will nuke the internet, and officially begin the 3rd world war.

of fucking course!!!!

2010-12-06 16:14:29 by Shmi

and of course withtin the first damn hour of my newest songs life, i´ve been zero-bombed into oblivion
ugh... sometimes.... i just hate you newgrounds... sometimes i just fucking hate you...


2010-12-06 15:24:51 by Shmi

hey there NG.
its been a while since i uploaded anything, but here it is, my newest song (fresh out of the oven :D) /381363 lomp

im also working on an drum 'n bass song, but i cant really seem to get any further with it.. might put it up as a work in progress in a week or so..

anyways enjoy my new song, enjoy my older songs, and dont forget to vote and review (PLEEEAASSSEE)



2010-11-18 15:59:29 by Shmi

the moment has finally came that i reached level 10!!!!! (WOOHOO)

also, check out my songs :D:D:D!!!

NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( /371783 Torture Machine (halloween 2010 - for your immidate fix of gore and dismemberment :D) /370008 Otter Flips (dubstep without a moustache)

about the voting system...

2010-09-08 11:14:59 by Shmi

here´s what i don´t really like about the NG voting system..

2 days ago i posted a new song (matabei (psytrance) /360704 ), about 30 people listened to it, wich is nice.
now 3 people (including myself) voted on it, i gave myself a 5 (couse i'm that good xD)
ad so there's 2 other vote's. one 4 and one 3 i think. this isnt bad at all..

now my score is 3.5 or something, wich means that becouse of the thousands of tracks in the audio portal, nobody will ever listen to it again untill they either start searching for it (wich is probably not going to happen all that fast) or i boost my score up myself, wich will take me about 2 weeks, couse my voting power is kinda low compared to the person that gave me a 3. this sucks, becouse i'd like to get some feedback on my songs. i think there could also be a great deal of 'hidden gems' out there that were voted down by one person, and that is too bad. people should have equal rights here on newgrounds.

VIVA LA COMMUNISM!! (just kidding republicans ;P)

finished a new song!!!

2010-09-06 17:35:36 by Shmi

hi everybody!

i just finished my new song Matabei!
its a psytrance song (wich is seriously lacking here on NG), and i'm pretty darn proud of it!

listen to it here: /360704
please review and vote (5! ;P)


finished a new song!!!